Social Security Area Number Searches

The first three digits of a valid social security number are considered the area number.  If you know these first three SSN digits for someone you are searching for, it can help in locating a previous state of residence and possibly family members.

For instance, say someone you are looking for has the social security area number of 305 and a fairly uncommon last name.  By doing a social security area search, you will find out that the person’s SSN ( if valid ) was likely issued in the state of Indiana and more than likely that person has lived in this state at one point or another.  Now a whitepages last name only search for the state of Indiana may turn up one or more possible relatives with the same last name residing in Indiana, who may know of the person’s whereabouts.

You can do social security area number searches at 411 x 411 SSN Area Number Search . Whitepages and other people searches can be done at 411 x 411 Free People Searches

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