Spokeo People Search Hysteria

The hysteria over the Spokeo people search engine has really reached a fevered pitch, with politicians, attorneys general and news media fanning the flames.

I have done numerous people searches on the Spokeo site and, aside from some obvious accuracy issues in the data, I have found nothing that causes me privacy concerns.

It is humorous to see people get worked up over some of their information appearing on people search sites like Spokeo; when some of these same people have no problem telling all about themselves on Facebook and other social networks, in addition to posting compromising pictures of themselves and friends online.

The video below shows Brad Phelps, Chief Deputy for the Arkansas Attorney General’s Office, discussing the Spokeo issue. He initially infers that social security number information is available on the site, until the reporter questions him further on it.

He finally, reluctantly, admits that the information found on the Spokeo site is probably not illegal. No kidding, it is all over the internet on various public record, people search and social networking sites. However, when one web service aggregates it and makes it searchable, it is somehow the end of privacy as we know it.

The privacy hysteria continues…