Find My Family on ABC – People Search TV

ABC will air a preview tonight for a new television series called Find My Family at 9:30 eastern / 8:30 central time.

The show centers around finding and reuniting family members that have lost contact with each other.

The show relies on a team of researchers and the hosts Tim Green and Lisa Joyner help people searching for lost family members.

Each episode covers the story and search for mothers, fathers, daughters and sons who have lost contact for years and are reunited again.

Viewers will learn the background stories of the people who are searching for their lost relatives.

After gathering the background information, the Find My Family research begins the difficult task of searching through public archives and records to find the missing family.

Host Lisa Joyner makes the initial contact with the found family members to inform them that someone from their biological family is searching for them, while host Tim Green meets with the people who are doing the search.

You can watch a clip from Find My Family and read more about the series on ABC’s site @ Find My Family.