DOJ National Sex Offender Registry

Can Public Records Help You Locate Sex Offenders?

Having a child is scary! You have to learn how to take care of another human being and how to give them everything that they need. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart even in the best of times. But there are all sorts of things out there that can be even scarier than having to change a particularly dirty diaper, like sending your children out into the world when there are criminals there. It’s a fact of life – criminals are all around us. While most of them are petty criminals, doing nothing more than snagging a few dollars out of the cash register when their bosses back is turned, there are more violent criminals out there that we have to beware of as well.

While this may make you nervous as an adult, it is even worse once you have parents. There are many people out there who look to hurt children, which is never something any parent wants to have their child go through. Sex offenders in particular are a very scary subject for most parents. There are a number of websites available now that can help you to learn if a sex offender has settled in your area, but what type of offender is it?

Different Offenses

One misconception is that everyone who is on the sex offender registry is someone who did something absolutely horrible. This isn’t necessarily true and depends on the law. A person, for instance, who was 17 and dating a 15 year old whose parents didn’t care for the situation may wind up on the sex offender registry. So before you jump to conclusions about anyone on the sex offender registry in your area, you may want to learn a bit more about them with Oregon public records.

These public records are all records that are available for you to peruse whenever you’d like, although Oregon people search engines make it much easier to gain access to this information. The documents include things like birth certificates and death records, and can even include information about whether or not the person you’re researching has spent time in prison. If they have them you may be able to do a bit more searching so that you can learn all about the person before you jump to any conclusions that may be wrong.

There is also a national sex offender search and registry available from the US Department of Justice at that allows you to search for sex offenders nationwide or state-by-state.

The DOJ sex offender databases lets you search current sex offender records from 50 states, Washington DC, Puerto Rico, Guam for the name and location of sex offenders.