Five Google Search Trends for 2010

Google’s Matt Cutts recently discussed search engine trends and search predictions for 2010. Matt discussed where search engine technology is going in 2010 —

New Types of Data Searches:

Data overload is a big worry among web search engines. As a result, Google is trying to divide and categorize new searches for different types of information, examples include: Google Book Search, Google Patent, Google Government Search, Google Blog Search etc.

Semantic Web Search:

Google’s search engine is become increasingly sophisticated. When a person searches a keyword or phrase on Google, the search engine can factor in such things as synonyms, phrase structure and user intent when determining what search results to return.

Cloud Computing Search:

As more people get comfortable with online computing, more of them will choose to store their data from onsite hardrives and store it in the “cloud”. As a result searching in the cloud for relevant information will become increasingly important.

Real Time Search Engines:

For some searches people need the most recent news reports. Thanks to social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, where trending topics catch the latest buzz, the need for relevant real-time search results will become increasingly popular.

Mobile Web Search:

As more people rely on mobile devices for their information, web sites will have to be formatted and searchable from these smaller browsing platforms. Google plans to have a big role in that as is evident with the development of their Android mobile platform for these devices.