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People Search

This social network search engine use's Google's index to find someone by full name or username on dozens of the top social media and networking sites.

To search for a person simply enter their full name or user ID along with any personal identifiers; choose the social network to search from the menu and click the submit button.

Google's search results for the given social network will appear in a new browser window. If you don't find a profile for the person on one network, just close the window and try searching for the person on another network.

This social search engine lets you easily lookup people from hundreds of millions of online social media profiles.

The growing popularity of social networks makes them some of the best places to search for people and their personal information online.

As an example of their increasing usefulness, even professionals like lawyers, private investigators, law enforcement officials and employers are using social networks and social media to find detailed personal information and do background research on people.