Intelius Search

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Compare BeenVerified's people search results with Intelius.

BeenVerified lets you find people and public records and their contact information with a person's name and location.

You can find contact information and public records for people that you can compare to search results from the site.

Intelius Search

Intelius was one of the first premium people search sites that allowed the public to find someone by name, address or phone number.

Users can use the Intelius name search, reverse phone number lookup or reverse address lookup to find a person using different pieces of personal information.

Intelius search reports can contain contact information, property records, criminal records, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and other personal information for people. has been one of the top online people and public record searches since 2003.

Intelius collects information on people from numerous sources like social networks, public records, business records and consumer databases.

The Intelius database contains public records and contact information for hundreds of millions of individual people.

Users can find a number of search options on Intelius that range from basic contact information for a person to in-depth background reports as well as identity theft protection plans.

In addition, Smartphone users can download the Intelius app to search for people and public records directly on their phones.

Intelius handles over 300 million database searches every month through the site.