Wikipedia to Challenge Google, Yahoo with Search Engine

A recent article in Linux World discusses the expected Q4 launch of Wikipedia’s search engine challenge to Google and Yahoo.

From the article —

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales is targeting the fourth quarter of this year for the unveiling of an open source search engine that he hopes could challenge the dominance of market leaders Google Inc. and Yahoo Inc.

The project is being run through Wikia Inc., a for-profit company founded by Wales that seeks to use a similar model to the Wikipedia community-written and -edited encyclopedia. He hopes to provide the tools and technology to allow programmers across the Internet to collaborate on the development and testing of a search engine and make the results freely available.

“The essential core principles are that I think search is now a fundamental part of the infrastructure of the Internet and it’s really fundamental to society as a whole, and therefore as citizens of the world we should be concerned about it being a secretive black box,” he said.

Source: Wikia targets Q4 unveiling of open source search engine