Riya Facial Recognition Software

Riya is a maker of facial recognition software that allows users to tag and search for people by name in digital images and pictures on a personal computer or on the web. The software is still in its testing phase, but rumors are the search engine giant Google is already interested in buying the company.

Imagine the future of people searching if the world’s largest search engine, Google, buys an advanced facial recognition software company. Now combine that with the popularity of digital cameras; online picture posting sites, like flickr.com; web page and image tagging with peoples’ names and mapping mixes that map photos to geographic areas. All of these things exist separately on the web right now. Just wait until they combine to produce a large and very powerful people image search and locator. It will happen, it’s only a matter of time.

You can learn more about the Riya facial recognition software at Riya.com.