Google and MSN Disagree on the Future of Web Search

ZDNet is reporting on a Wharton Technology Conference in Philadelphia, where Google, Yahoo and MSN Search representatives voiced disagreement on the future of web search and search engines. For MSN Search the future focus is on the user interface and search form itself; for Google the focus is on the underlying technology and for Yahoo the focus appears to be on social search networks, Web 2.0 and keyword tagging by web users.

From the article —

The major search companies have expressed varying ideas on how Web searching will evolve over the next few years, with MSN claiming that there will be significant changes in the user interface of search engines and Google contending that changes in the underlying technology will be more important.

Representatives from Google, Yahoo and MSN Search came together at the Wharton Technology Conference in Philadelphia on Friday to discuss the future of search technologies.

You can read the entire article @ Google and MSN disagree on future of search.