New Twitter Search Engine Will Compete With Google & Bing

Twitter users post around 1,000 tweets per second, totaling around 90 million tweets per day. All of this real time sharing of information has helped Twitter search turn into a threat to the Google and Bing search engines.

Twitter has changed over to a new search software that could help put their real time social search engine in real competition with the big search players like Bing and Google.

Twitter has completely revamped its search technology using the open source Lucene search engine to improve the speed and capacity to index tweets as well as process and return search results.

Twitter now handles over 12,000 searches per second, adding up to more than a billion searches daily. New tweets are now indexed in their search engine in less than 10 seconds.

With the launch of their indexed inverted search system, Twitter is moving closer to creating a web search tool that is as powerful as and more current than typical search engine services.