Surveillance Software Blurs The Faces Of Innocent People

Governments and businesses are using thousands of video surveillance cameras in an effort to monitor and deter terrorists and criminals, but innocent everyday citizens get caught on tape too.

However, a new type of privacy software for surveillance cameras may correct that problem, by blurring the faces of innocent people in the footage unless there’s an incident or an official investigation. Some of the same companies that made video surveillance so popular are now working to make the surveillance networks more privacy-friendly for innocent citizens.

Video-analysis company 3VR uses software to build databases of every vehicle, license plate and person its surveillance networks monitor and then triggers an alarm when a suspicious person or car is caught on camera.

3VR’s software engineers are now modifying their algorithms to blur out the faces and vehicles that don’t trip the software’s alarms.

A security guard or investigator would have the ability to later remove the blur from the faces, with the proper key (or a subpoena) if there is a legitimate reason to do so. The blurring software is simply a way to stop voyeuristic security guards from using surveillance cameras for their own personal entertainment.

Watch the YouTube video below to see an example of the blurring surveillance software.

Source: Wired News