Whistleblower Posts Video on YouTube

In yet another example of the growing influence of online social networks, the Washington Post is reporting on a whistleblower from Lockheed Martin, who posted his concerns about security flaws on a fleet of Coast Guard boats in a video commentary on YouTube.com after being ignored by his bosses and government engineers.

From the article —

Michael De Kort was frustrated.

The 41-year-old Lockheed Martin engineer had complained to his bosses. He had told his story to government investigators. He had called congressmen.

But when no one seemed to be stepping up to correct what he saw as critical security flaws in a fleet of refurbished Coast Guard patrol boats, De Kort did just about the only thing left he could think of to get action: He made a video and posted it on YouTube.com.

Source: On YouTube, Charges of Security Flaws:
Ex-Lockheed Worker Takes Concerns Over Coast Guard Ships to the Web