MySpace – A Place for Texas Death Row Inmates

Central Florida News 13 is reporting on yet another MySpace controversy surrounding about 30 Texas Death Row inmates, who have personal profiles posted on the popular social network site.

From the report —

MySpace Welcomes Death Row Inmates –

At least 30 prisoners awaiting execution in Texas have pages on MySpace, which is used by millions of teenagers around the world to socialize and make friends.
Groups working with crime victims have demanded that the website, which is owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation, removes them. So far, MySpace hasn’t responded to any requests by crime victims to take the prisoners pages down.

The profiles list the inmates’ hobbies and personalities and some include blogs in which prisoners relate the daily doings on death row, their favorite music and films, or even the crimes they were convicted of.

As prisoners are not allowed internet access, the profiles are created and managed for them by friends and relatives who receive prisoners’ updates in the form of letters.

One inmate, Randy Halprin, 29, who was involved in the death of a police officer, writes: “I think I’m a pretty funny guy. I have a whacked sense of humor. I can be a big kid at heart. I’m a hopeless (and I mean HOPELESS) romatic [sic].”