Judge Orders Teens To Post A YouTube Apology

A judge in Viera, Florida has ordered two teenage boys to post an apology on video-sharing site YouTube.com as punishment for a drive-through window prank that led to battery and criminal mischief charges.

The prank, called “fire in the hole”, occurred last July and involved fast-food employee Jessica Ceponis at a Taco Bell drive-through window.

Ceponis handed the teens their soft drinks. After returning to the window to give them their change, they yelled, “Fire in the hole!” and hurled a large drink at Ceponis and then took off in their car.

The boys posted a video of the prank on YouTube.com, along with other video clips showing similar pranks. The teens to post the apology video on YouTube today. The video will show them facedown and handcuffed on the hood of a car.

The prosecutor, judge and defense attorneys who created the YouTube video apology as punishment hope it will serve as a deterrent to other people.

Police and prosecutors point to the increasing number of kids and teens who film sick pranks and post them online in an effort to achieve some level of internet fame.

Ceponis said she originally thought the prank was a personal attack but learned from some of her customers that a video of the incident had been posted on the YouTube website. She used the YouTube video to trace the teens’ MySpace accounts.

“They were bragging about what they had done and how funny it was,” Ceponis said.

She managed to befriend the troublemakers online, while keeping her real identity a secret. After she had enough information to confirm that they were behind the attack, Ceponis used a phone book to track down one boy’s mother. The mother the provided the names of the other boys involved, she said.

Source: USAToday.com