Georgia Police Officers May Be Disciplined Over MySpace Posts

The Associated Press is reporting on three Georgia police officers could be disciplined over their the messages and pictures that they posted on MySpace.

From the article —

Three Richmond County deputies could be disciplined over posts and pictures in their profiles on

The deputies are accused of using sheriff’s office property in photos posted on the social networking Internet site and making comments that Sheriff Ronnie Strength said are not in line with office policy.

Patrol Deputies Philip Hambrick, Jason Izquierdo and Colby Harrel will go before a disciplinary review board Thursday, according to Col. Gary Powell.

On one page, Hambrick is pictured holding his county-issued Glock pistol in front of his face “like a gangbanger,” Powell said. On another, Harrel is shown on a motorcycle next to his patrol car.

Officials were also concerned by posts made by Izquierdo. In his page, the deputy offers tips such as how to remove blood from a police uniform and a numbered guide of suggestions to the people he encounters on patrol.

“If you’d read it, you’d know it wasn’t county policy,” Powell said. “He had stuff up there like he didn’t know gold teeth were so easy to knock out – stuff we don’t need to be associated with at all.”

The three deputies are still working, pending their hearing Thursday. The office has three levels of punishment, ranging from a written warning to termination, Powell said.