FaceBook Posting Lands Students in Hot Water

Some colleges and universities are disciplining students for improper postings and activities on the popular FaceBook social network directory that is popular with high school and university students. United Press International is reporting that Fisher College in Boston, Massachusetts expelled two students, after they allegedly conspired to get a university police officer in trouble in a sexual-assault setup that was discussed online with their FaceBook accounts.

The article reports that –

At the University of Missouri-Columbia a new task force is addressing potential problems that may arise from student’s involvement with Facebook. “We want to educate the students that the information they post is not private,” said Donell Young, coordinator of student life and judicial coordinator at UM. The proactive initiative hopes to help students avoid future problems with either disciplinary or potential employment problems. If administrators are alerted to serious claims in violation of university policy on the site, Young explained they will not hesitate to investigate.

You can read the entire article on UPI at Facebook connecting more than students.