Criminals Caught On Periscope Live-Streaming App

You can’t fix stupid, but you can certainly livestream it. It is funny how new technology can take dumb criminals and make them even dumber.Periscope

From the moment that Twitter announced their live-streaming app, Periscope, we knew it wouldn’t be long before some vain person would broadcast their own criminal behavior for everyone to see.

Well, we have now officially entered the age of live-streaming selfies for criminals.

Last week, two teenage boys in Weber County, Utah broke into an ice cream truck and broadcast their ice-cream heist live and in progress with the Periscope app on their smartphone.

As social media would have it, a West Weber resident just happened to watch the event online and called the Weber County Sheriff’s Office to report the crime. The witness saw the boys breaking into the truck’s refrigerator and stealing the ice cream on Twitter’s Periscope app.

Lieutenant Lane Findlay said that it was the first time their office received a report of a crime that was broadcast on Periscope.

With information from the witness, police deputies were able to track down the source of the video to two 16 year olds who lived in the neighborhood.

When faced with the evidence, both teens confessed to breaking into the truck and stealing numerous tubs of ice cream. They also admitted to live-streaming their ice cream caper and posting it on Periscope.

They told police that they broke into the truck and stole several cartons of ice cream which they left as “gifts” on neighborhood doorsteps, prompting Lt. Lane Findlay to refer to them as “ice cream Robin Hoods.”

Or should we call them Baskin-Robbin Hoods?

The teenagers are now charged with burglary and theft after they broke into the truck and stole cartons of ice cream — while broadcasting their crime online. The two are due to appear in juvenile court to face the charges.

After finding out how the thieves had been caught, the driver of the truck told news reporters: “I think they’re stupid. I think it’s pretty funny how they got caught. I mean if you’re going to commit a crime why would you record yourself to get caught.”

Although, these teens may be the first people to livestream their criminal behavior online, they are by no means the first people to publicize their misdeeds on social media for everyone to see.

The Weber County Sheriff posted the following account of the case on their Facebook page:

Just before midnight on Sunday, deputies responded on a vehicle burglary call at 4300 W. 1150 S. in West Weber. A citizen called and reported seeing the crime streamed live across social media using Twitter’s Periscope App. The complainant said he witnessed two men in the video breaking into a semi-truck that possibly contained ice cream. When deputies arrived, they found two semi-trucks parked on 1250 South, one of which had a refrigerated trailer attached. After speaking with the driver, it was confirmed that the truck was loaded with ice cream products and it had been broken into.

The investigating deputy tracked down the creator of the video, a 16 year-old male who lived in the neighborhood. When the deputy made contact with the juvenile, he admitted to breaking into the trailer with his friend and stealing several tubs of ice cream. He also confessed to posting their caper online through Periscope. The subject said he and his friend then went and randomly placed the tubs of ice cream on the front porches of some of their neighbors as a gift. The deputy also spoke to the 16 year-old friend who confirmed the story. Both individuals will be referred to juvenile court on burglary and theft charges.