Real Time Search Wars: Google vs Bing

Real-time search is getting bigger everyday with two search engine heavyweights Google and Bing vying for top dog in the fast-moving real-time search space.

Bing has launched a real-time search service that returns results based on Twitter and Facebook popularity.

Bing’s real-time search shows a search tag cloud which displays current popular search terms from Twitter as well as links to results from trending topics. People can also search for a topic to find out what the current real-time results are for those terms.

Google’s real-time search results will be powered by a number of social media and social network sites along with blogs and news sources as well. However, Google’s real-time search results are included on their regular search results pages whereas Bing has a separate page for their real-time results.

Unlike Bing’s real-time search, Google does not return real-time results for every search term entered into its search engine since there may not be relevant real-time results to a search for topics or people that aren’t a current topic or news item.

You will probably find more real-time results for search topics on Bing, however the real-time results may not always be very timely or relevant to your search.

The Google real-time search results are collected from over a dozen social networks and social media sites including: Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, FriendFeed, Jaiku and

You can view a video of Google’s real-time search engine below:

To test search Bing’s beta real-time search engine you can visit Bing Real-Time Search.

Source: PC World