Bing May Use Facebook Data For Social Search Results

According to, Microsoft is in negotiations with Facebook to use social recommendations from users in Bing web search results.

If a search agreement is reached between Microsoft and Facebook, Bing would mine anonymous user data from Facebook ‘Likes’ to return search results that are based on popularity within the Facebook social network.

Microsoft sees that web search is going social and wants to use the world’s most popular social network to power Bing search results.

Facebook’s Like button along with Twitter’s Retweet button lets people share interesting web pages with one another. The information collected from both of these social sharing services is a goldmine of current web buzz and popularity.

This shared information could prove to be a goldmine of user trends and data for search engines and advertisers.

Social search is based on what people are really interested in rather than just ranking large amounts of web pages in search results. As a result, social search has the potential to eliminate large amounts of spam sites from web search results.

This could give the Bing search engine a lead over Google, since Facebook’s user data would not be available on Google search.