A Peek Into the Search Engine Future

Inc.com has published an interesting article on some search engine startups that want to take on Yahoo and Google for a share of the search engine market. Powerset.com and Hakia.com are two such startups looking for a better way to search the web.

Both Powerset and Hakia are using natural language technology to build a better search engine and each have raised millions of dollars to do so. Powerset is expected to go live later in the year and Hakia already has a beta version online.

Then there are the people powered search engines like the ChaCha.com search engine that pays workers to find information for you. Wikipedia is expected to launch a people / social search engine sometime in the future.

Specialty search engines like the real estate search engine at Zillow.com try to fill a niche search and don’t try to be all things to all people.

The search engine future is robust and wide open. The best search engines will grow and web searchers will benefit from all the competition.

Source: Search for Tomorrow