Doing A Reverse Email Lookup On Google

Reverse Email LookupEveryone knows that search engines like Google are go-to sites when you want to search for a person, topic or current event, but did you know that Google’s search engine can be used to do a reverse email lookup?

Google has so many web pages indexed that it is likely you will find information regarding someone’s email address listed on at least some of them. But there is a right way and a wrong way to do a reverse email lookup on the Google search box.

Although this is not actually a “wrong way” to lookup an email address on Google, simply searching the email address on its own on Google will return a lot of useless search results that will not be related to the email address itself. However, if you enclose the email address in double quotation marks, you will get better, more targeted search results when doing a reverse email lookup.

As an example, let’s lookup an email address that is publicly known. The email address belongs to a well-known politician: House Speaker Paul Ryan. If you lookup his email address on Google without quotation marks, you will get well over 700,000 results. Most of these search results are worthless to anyone looking for information on this email address. The reason for this is that Google’s search engine parses out the words in the email address ( “paul”, “ryan”, “mail”, “house”, and “gov” ) and then returns search results that include any and all indexed web pages that these words appear on.

However, if you include double quotes in your email lookup for “” on Google, you will only get search results for pages where that actual email address appears. At the time of this article, there were about 77 results. Several dozen search results are much more targeted and manageable to sort through than hundreds of thousands.

Be aware that some of the Google search results for an email address will likely include some commercial data vendors that are trying to sell you more detailed information on the email address. However, if you look through the search results and descriptions, you are also likely to find a good amount of free information on the email address.

You can practice doing email lookups on Google using your own email address or email addresses for friends, family, classmates, coworkers or any other people for that matter.

In addition to using the Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines to reverse lookup a person’s email address, you should also consider using free people search sites like Pipl and ThatsThem. These two people finder sites also have reverse email lookup searches that provide decent results for free.

There are also email lookup sites like that can verify whether or not a person’s email address is real or not.

A Google search is also a good way to do a reverse address lookup or reverse phone number lookup on a person or business.