Chance Meeting Reunites Sisters After 40 Years

Sisters Reunited

Holly Hoyle O’Brien & Meagan Hughes Reunion

Life is full of surprising events like this chance reunion between two long-lost and orphaned sisters.

Two South Korean sisters, who were orphaned in the 1970s and adopted by separate families living in the United States, have been reunited after 40 years apart when they both took jobs at the same hospital and met while working on the same floor together.

In the late 1970s Holly Hoyle O’Brien, 46, ( born Pok-nam Shin ) and Meagan Hughes, 44,  ( born Eun-Sook Shin ) were separated from one another and adopted by different families in the U.S.

After a family tragedy, both girls spent time at orphanages in South Korea. Eventually, Holly was adopted by an American family in Arlington, Virginia, and Meagan was adopted by another American family in Kingston, New York.

After growing up, both women moved to the same area of Florida, where they were ultimately reunited by chance while working together at the same hospital in Sarasota as assistant nurses.

Holly said that she has searched for her younger half-sister, Meagan, for much of her life after they were adopted.

When Holly was younger, she told her adopted mother that she had a sister and wanted to search for her. Her adopted mother contacted the orphanage, but was told that there were no records for Holly’s sister.

Later in life, Holly’s husband also contacted the orphanage to find information on her sister, but he too was told that there were no records for her sister.

The sisters met and became fast friends when they were both hired by the same hospital in Sarasota, Florida and started working together.

At the beginning of this year, Holly started working at Doctors Hospital in Sarasota, FL as a nursing assistant. A few months later, the same hospital also hired her sister, Meagan, as a nursing assistant.

The sisters eventually met, thanks to a patient, who told Holly that there was a new nursing assistant that was from South Korea too.

Holly and Meagan eventually met and discovered that they were both orphans from Pusan, South Korea, who shared the same last name of Shin and both of their orphanage records were noted as “adandonment.”

After becoming curious about their strong bond and similar family circumstances, the two women decided to take a DNA test, which showed that they were sisters.

What are the odds that two orphaned sisters from South Korea who were adopted by separate families would both move to Sarasota, Florida; choose the same profession and be reunited after 40 years while working for the same company?

If an improbable family reunion like this can happen, then it is possible for anyone to search for and find lost friends and family, especially with so many social media sites and people search tools online.