Missionaries Reunite With Brothers They Rescued 40 Years Ago

This is a great story about what brave, selfless people can accomplish in life. Two Canadian missionaries have been reunited with two brothers that they rescued from Laos 40 years ago.

Reg Reimer and his wife Donna were Canadian missionaries working in Thailand in 1977, when they bravely smuggled two young brothers out of the war-torn country of Laos and into neighboring Thailand. At the time,  families and friends were separated and refugee camps were overflowing with people trying to leave the conflict.

Reimer Jocson Reunion

Reg and Donna Reimer reunite with brothers Eddie and Rick Jocson ( Photo Credit: CBC Canada )

In 1977,  Reg Reimer and his wife Donna met a Laotian mother at a church event in Canada. The woman and her husband had been separated from their sons during the war. The two boys, Rick and Eddie, were still back in Laos. The family had been separated during the turmoil that occurred after Laos had fallen to communism.

The woman and her husband made it out of the country and eventually ended up in Canada. However, the boys had been left back in Laos with their grandmother.

When the woman found out that Reg and Donna were going back to Thailand to work as missionaries, she begged them to get her two sons out of Laos.

Reimer said that he and his wife had no idea what kind of situation he and his wife were getting into when they arrived in Thailand. Their first attempt to rescue the brothers failed, when the grandmother refused to turn the boys over to strangers.

Kim, the mother of the two boys, then sent the Reimers a picture of her with a message written on the back instructing the grandmother to turn over the boys to them. When the Reimers gave the picture and message to the grandmother, she turned the boys over to them.

After a dangerous border crossing into Thailand and enduring five weeks of international bureaucracy, the Reimers finally were able to get the boys to Canada to be reunited with their parents.

The family has never forgotten the sacrifices that the Reimers made to get the boys out of a dangerous situation so they could be back with their mother and father. After the boys were reunited with their parents, everyone went their separate ways until recently.

A few weeks ago, one of the rescued brothers, Rick Jocson, decided to search for the Reimers. He found them in Abbotsford, Canada.

The brothers and their mother were recently reunited in Calgary, Canada with Reg and Donna Reimer, nearly four decades after the couple saved them from the conflict in their country.