TrueRep Lets People Explain Their Public Records Online, a reputation management tool, plans to let people contribute explanations regarding negative public records that pertain to them. In addition, lets people monitor and manage their public image and stop inaccurate personal information from appearing online.

TrueRep collects public records and personal data from social networks and creates a “Reputation Score” for people who use the service. The service will let people contribute comments to their record that will appear in background checks or people search results associated with their names. Reputation management and privacy rights have become hot topics due to the growing number of online people search engines, background check providers and public record searches online.

Before the internet, most personal information and public records were hard to retrieve unless you made a trip to a court house or government agency and personally requested the records.

Around 70 percent of job recruiters and human resource professionals say they have rejected job candidates due to negative personal information they found on the internet. In addition more people are using people search engines and background check services to get personal information on other people.

The ability to add comments to your online records on TrueRep is intended to help a explain a past civil or criminal record. This can help a person can add additional information to past arrest records.

The reputation management service is $9.95 per month, but a free version lets people stop some personal information about themselves, such as their address and phone number.

TrueRep is currently is in its Beta version and is powered by the Intelius people finder service.