Property Tax and County Assessor Searches

Property tax and county assessor records can provide great information when doing asset searches as well as people searches.  Assessor records vary by state, county and city, but they often provide fairly reliable information on property ownership; assessed property values and taxes along with the property owner’s name and mailing address.

As a result property tax and county assessor records can often be used to locate property assets as well as find information for contacting a person.  State, city and county assessor sites can now be found for each state on the Skipease site under the Public Records section.  Click on the state link that you want city / county assessor listings for, then choose the ‘Property Tax Assessors’ link for that state to view the available listings.  Some city / county assessor sites have free online searchable databases, while others list phone and address contact information.  Please understand that most of these sites have disclaimer policies posted regarding the reliability of the public record information available on their sites.  In addition, Skipease accepts no responsiblity for the information provided by any of the sites that we link to and your use(s) of the information found on these sites is soley your responsibility.

You can access the state public record listings at State & Local Public Records  .  Choose a state and then choose the ‘Property Tax Assessors’ link for that state to find a scroll menu of available sites.  You can use the bookmark link above the Google Search boxes to add the page to your favorites menu on your browser for future access.  New city / county assessor sites will be added as they become available.