Locating Student Records Online

Student records from colleges and universities can be a great source of personal background information on current and former students, provided you can obtain them. Student records can include various things, like class transcripts and grades; written evaluations; financial aid records; loan collection records and disciplinary records.

Most colleges and universities have their own procedures and policies governing the release of student records and must adhere to Federal and state privacy and public record laws, like the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). As a result, it is nearly impossible to find one source of information that covers every college and university student record policy.

In general, student record requests are handled through the university Registrar’s office, which may involve other university departments for certain specific student record requests.

The best way to find information on a particular university’s student record policies and procedures is to do a search on Yahoo or Google for student records as they relate to the given university.

Some possible search suggestions follow in bold:

student records policy Kansas State University

or, if you know the university’s domain name, more specifically:

student records site:ksu.edu