Connecticut Criminal Records & Motor Vehicle Violations Search

Connecticut’s state judicial system has made public criminal and motor vehicle violation records available with a free website search.

According to an Associated Press article, this move towards more open and easily accessible public records has drawn praise from freedom of information advocates and criticism from privacy activists.

Over 1 million of Connecticut’s criminal conviction records, going back to 2000, are now available with one web search. The open records effort to put public criminal records on the web came from the recommendation of a state task force of judges, state officials, attorneys and members of the media.

The task force recommended putting all felony and misdemeanor convictions on the web, allowing misdemeanor records to be removed after five years.

Criminal case records and motor vehicle violations were already a matter of public record, but the web search makes them available without people having to make a special trip to the state archives and search through public record files.

You can do your own public records search on Connecticut’s Conviction & Bond Forfeiture Dispositions Criminal/Motor Vehicle database by defendant name at