“Died In House” Tracks Criminal Real Estate

Amityville House

Amityville Murders in Amityville, NY

This story will make some home owners and real estate agents unhappy, but it is just in time for Halloween.

Would you like to know if the property that you live in was ever the location of a murder scene or suicide? Well, now is your chance to find out.

Died In House is a real estate search tool that lets users find out about any disturbing events that are associated with a property, including: homicides, suicides, natural deaths, meth lab activity and fire-related events. Real estate reports from Died In House include these scary details along with the names of people who are associated with the address.

Most states do not consider deaths that occur in a house to be a “Material Fact” related to the property and do not require sellers to disclose this information prior to selling the property.

Even if a grisly homicide or suicide recently occurred in a home, most states do not have laws regarding “Stigmatized Property” and do not require the seller to tell potential buyers about the incident before selling the house.

However, homicides, suicides and other events like these can decrease a property’s value by 10 to 30 percent and can increase the selling time of a property by 50%.

As a result, potential property buyers usually want to know if any homicides, suicides or other strange deaths have happened at a property before making an offer to buy it.

The Died In House search claims to be the first online tool that shows death records that are tied to an individual address. Their real estate database contains information on over 4.5 million addresses with over 130 million public records and includes all 50 states in the U.S.

Most of their records are from the 1980s to present.  However, they do have some records that go all the way back to the 1940s and further.

Died In House has been described as the “Carfax” for real estate. The site was started in 2013 by Roy Condrey after a tenant informed him that one of his rental properties was haunted.

Condrey searched public records and the internet to find out if some horrible crime had ever occurred at his rental property, but he came up with nothing.

However, through his own search experience, Condrey learned that almost 5 million addresses in the United States have had at least one recorded death occur at the property. Condrey also found out that a lot of people want to know if their home is haunted or if a death ever occurred there.

DiedInHouse.com is the first database search of its kind to offer this type of information to the public.

The site has reportedly sold over 40,000 real estate reports and has been covered by media outlets like CNN and USA Today. Individual reports cost $11.99 each. However, search credits can be purchased in bulk to save money when buying multiple reports for different addresses.