Privacy and Public Broadcasting of Private Surveillance Camera Feeds

Wired News is reporting on a smart street artist in the United Kingdom who is using technology to grab feeds from private surveillance cameras in local buildings and rebroadcasting these camera feeds to a public audience, in order to draw attention to how easy it is to compromise this new technology.

From the article —

Michelle Teran is the pied piper of wireless networks. Leading a band of followers through the city streets, the Canadian artist drags along a screen embedded in a suitcase that is showing supposedly secret images captured from cameras inside surrounding buildings.

Call it war-driving for video. Although many people assume new surveillance technology that lets cameras transmit footage wirelessly to TVs and computers is private, Teran is on a mission to show them otherwise.

Equipment that underpins in-store closed-circuit TV cameras, personal internet surveillance, even baby crib monitors and TV signal extenders, sends signals along the 2.4-GHz wave band, an unlicensed portion of radio spectrum that is firmly in the public domain. If the cameras are set up incorrectly, passersby with the proper equipment can easily grab images from them when they wander within range.

You can read the entire article by Robert Andrews @ The Art of Privacy Invasion.