Ohio Company Using Chip Implants to Track Employees

The Financial Times is reporting that CityWatcher.com, an Ohio-based public surveillance company, is experimenting with silicon chips implanted in two of its employees for identification and room access purposes.

From the article —

CityWatcher.com, a private video surveillance company, said it was testing the technology as a way of controlling access to a room where it holds security video footage for government agencies and the police.

Embedding slivers of silicon in workers is likely to add to the controversy over RFID technology, widely seen as one of the next big growth industries.

RFID chips – inexpensive radio transmitters that give off a unique identifying signal – have been implanted in pets or attached to goods so they can be tracked in transit.

“There are very serious privacy and civil liberty issues of having people permanently numbered,” said Liz McIntyre, who campaigns against the use of identification technology.

You can read the entire article @ US group implants electronic tags in workers.