PeekYou People Search CEO Justifies Personal Profiling

PeekYou is a people search engine where users can search a large database of personal information about themselves or other people.

A basic people search on PeekYou can find what address a person lives at, locate their social network profiles, and find web sites where their name has been mentioned.

PeekYou CEO Michael Hussey says their people search data includes personal information on over 250 million people.

PeekYou’s search collects personal data on people from a large number of sources, including public records, social networks and directory assistance.

Michael Hussey recently stated in an interview with that over 1 billion links to personal information have been indexed by their people search engine and that the ultimate goal of the PeekYou people search is to compile a single personal profile for every person in the public record that will show their personal interests, career and professional history, schools attended, pictures, physical address, email address, gender, age, and other personal data.

Hussey justifies all of this collection of personal data by saying PeekYou’s people search educates internet users and makes them aware of just how much personal information is available online about them.

Hussey says that PeekYou wants people to take an active interest in their digital identity.

Users of the PeekYou search engine can request that their persona information be removed from the site.

However, that does not resolve the sources of all of this online personal information. Even if you remove your personal data from your PeekYou profile, it can still be found elsewhere on the internet.

The PeekYou people finder search is located at