SwipeBuster People Search Lets You Spy On Tinder Users

Swipebuster Example

Swipebuster Example

Swipebuster is a new people search site that lets you spy on Tinder users and their activities by searching for them by name, age and location. The Swipebuster service could potentially be used by people to find out if their spouses or lovers are using the dating app to cheat on them.

At a cost of $4.99 for 3 name searches,  Swipebuster lets people find out about the Tinder habits of their partner, friends, family etc.

After you provide Swipebuster with a person’s first name, age, and geographic location, the site will show you the last time that the person logged onto Tinder as well as who they are interested in along with any pictures that they have used on the Tinder app.

Some media people were the first to test out the Swipebuster site using names of people that they knew were Tinder users. Early users claim the site is around 99% accurate. One early Swipebuster user reported that out of the twelve people that she searched for, eleven had accurate results and the other person lived in a large urban area and had a common first name that made searching for him difficult.

Interestingly, the founder of Swipebuster wants to maintain his privacy and remain anonymous. He has said that he wants to let people know that the personal information they share on dating apps like Tinder is not as private as many would believe. He also wants to show people that their romantic partners may have some Tinder secrets in their closet.

Tinder has long been criticized for being a hookup tool for cheaters, but, according to the company, only about 2 percent of the people who use Tinder are married.

Critics of Swipebuster have said that the people search information found on the site is nothing more than the public profile information that you can find on Tinder for free by simply downloading Tinder’s app and searching for people. A spokesperson for Tinder confirmed that Swipebuster does not give people access to any private user information on Tinder. The company has recommended that people save their $4.99 and download Tinder for free if they want to lookup someone on the app.

Every Tinder user is authenticated using their profile information from their Facebook account. This Facebook information includes a person’s first name, age and friends. This information helps guarantee that Tinder users are communicating with real people through the app.

Tinder has also made it known publicly that their dating app is not the best way to meet people if you want to keep your real identity and activities away from prying eyes.

So far, the Swipebuster app has generated a lot of press and has been featured in articles on sites like Vanity Fair, Vice and Cosmopolitan. However, the actual usefulness of Swipebuster’s Tinder people search seems to have been blown way out of proportion. After all, Swipebuster’s people finder results actually come from Tinder’s own API. So how eye opening could the information really be?

In addition, a number of news articles have noted that the name search on Swipebuster often returns so many Tinder profiles that the search is all but useless.

You are so busted! … Then again, maybe not.