PocketFinder Helps You Track & Find Family And Friends Anytime

A new people locator service called Pocket Finder helps you search for and locate your friends and family anytime. Pocket Finder is a GPS based location device that allows you to track people around the clock. The device is currently available in Apple Stores and can easily fit in a person’s pocket.

PocketFinder can transmit a person’s location worldwide and has smart phone connectivity too. PocketFinder updates people’s location every five minutes and sends the coordinates to cellular phone towers. This allows PocketFinder users to search and find the current location of a people with an app or site.

The PocketFinder tracker sells for $150 and requires a monthly fee of $13. In addition, the device is waterproof. A planned future version of the service will turn your iPhone into a personal locator device without the need to carry a separate PocketFinder device.

In addition, Pocket Finder comes with several personal safety settings, for instance: users can set alerts so you find out when your kid gets home from school; or if you want to be notified if someone drives your car over a certain speed limit. You can also set alerts to track people who have dementia or mental disabilities.

The makers of PocketFinder understand that “tracking” devices and software are often associated with Orwellian Big Brother images and that the idea of location-based people tracking is still a creepy idea. However, they believe that the peace of mind that their people search service provides users more than makes up for the stigma associated with people locator services.

You can visit the company site at Pocket Finder or watch the video below for more information.