People Search Reunites Brothers After 49 Years

Buckley Brothers Reunion

James, John and Michael Buckley Reunion

A lengthy people search has finally reunited three brothers after 49 years apart.

James Buckley and Michael Buckley searched for their long-lost, younger brother, John, for years and found him just in time to say their final goodbyes to him. After finding and reuniting with John, James and Michael learned that John was terminally ill.

Unfortunately, John died this past February, but James and Michael are thankful that they found him him before it was too late and were able to say their final goodbyes to him before he died. The two brothers said that meeting John again for the first time in 49 years was one of the happiest days of their lives.

James and Michael had searched for their brother John for over 20 years. They finally found John after using an online people search site called Finder Monkey. Finder Monkey is a U.K. based people finder service that helps people find lost family and friends as well debtors and ex-tenants. On their website, Finder Monkey claims to have a 92% success rate at finding the current location for people that they are contracted to search for.

James and Michael said that prior to using Finder Monkey they spent countless hours searching for John through phone books, online searches and social media sites. The three boys were born in Glasgow, Scotland but spent their youth in various foster care and orphanages.

After their mother died at a young age, their father sent the three boys to live at a Catholic children’s home in 1953.
James left the children’s home when he was 15 years old and went back to Glasgow to live with his father, but Michael and John remained in the care of the home. Shortly after going back to Glasgow to live with his father, James moved to Edinburgh, Scotland to live on his own. Later on, Michael and John both went to Edinburgh to live with James once they were old enough to leave the children’s home. However, the three men drifted apart and lost contact over they years.

The three brothers last saw each other at Jame’s wedding in 1966. Shortly after Jame’s wedding, John left Scotland and lost all contact with his two brothers.

James said that the brothers lost contact with each other over the years due to all of the childhood drama that they experienced when they were young and the fact that they all moved around alot from location to location during their lives.

James said that he would like to encourage other people to start their family search for their long-lost family relatives never to give up until you find them.

James said that he and Michael are so thankful that they we were able to find John and reunite with him before he died. James said that he knows that John had been very ill and he wonders if his deceased brother held onto life so he could meet with them again before he died.

James and Michael said that they are grateful that they never stopped looking for John and they hope their story inspires other people who are searching for lost family members to keep on looking until they find them.