An Adoptee’s Search For Her Birth Father

Family Tree SearchLaura Flanagan is an adult adoptee who is on a mission to find her father. Flanagan has spent countless hours and thousands of dollars in her search to find her long-lost biological father.

Her search to find her father has unearthed the names of numerous relatives, which she records and organizes on index cards. Flanagan has used people search sites, public records, phone conversations and face-to-face meetings with people in an effort to locate her father.

While Flanagan has successfully found other family members, she still has not been able to find her father. Flanagan is 46 years old and says that she needs to find out who her father is before it’s too late. She says the older she gets, the more she is afraid that she will never find him and this unanswered question in her life will go unanswered.

Laura Flanagan was born with the name June MacDonald. She was given up for adoption by her teenage birth mother who was only 15 years old when Flanagan was born. Flanagan has been told that her biological father was never told that her mother was pregnant and never knew about her birth.

Flanagan has been searching for her father for decades and believes that his name is Robert Moniz ( a.k.a Bobby Moniz ). Flanagan believes that he may live in Fall River, Massachusetts.

Flanagan was adopted by a family from Rhode Island and grew up there. Her adopted family named her Laura Bardsley. Flanagan’s adopted family was wealthy and was able to provide for her, but, unfortunately, her adopted father was a child molester. Flanagan was reportedly molested by her adopted father throughout her childhood. Her adopted father was eventually arrested and tried for molesting her and other children, but he only served a short jail sentence.

Flanagan no longer has any contact with either of her adopted parents.

Once Flanagan turned 18, she started to search for her birth mother. She says that she found her birth mother by writing a letter to her old orphanage. From that, she learned some facts and details that led her to search public records and local directories. She eventually found her birth certificate, which only included her mother’s name, Carol MacDonald.

Eventually, she found a picture of her birth mother in a high school year book. Flanagan says the resemblance between her and her mother’s photo was unbelievable.

Flanagan then started mailing letters to her mother’s high school classmates, asking them for information about her mother. A few months later, Flanagan received a phone call from one of her mother’s classmates who was able to give her a phone number from class reunion records.

Flanagan then telephoned her birth mother and the mother and daughter agreed to meet. Flanagan learned that her birth mother had come from a very poor family and was unable to care for her. In addition, her mother suffered from bipolar disorder.

Flanagan’s mother eventually told her that her biological father was a young Portuguese man named Bobby Moniz. He would have been in his early 20s in 1968, when Flanagan was born. Flanagan was told that Moniz lived in Seekonk, Massachusetts at the time, but his parents and family were from Falls River, Massachusetts.

According to Flanagan’s birth mother, her father never knew about the pregnancy or Flanagan’s birth and adoption.

Years ago, when Flanagan started her search for her birth father, online people search sites and public records were not available to help her. In recent years, Flanagan has been able to use search sites like, which has been a big help in her quest to find her family.

In fact, Flanagan used Ancestry’s DNA testing service to find family members. Her DNA test results on Ancestry showed that she shared much of her DNA with people from Sao Miguel Island in Portugal. In fact, her DNA test results showed that both sets of her paternal great-grandparents likely originated from this area of Portugal.

Flanagan told The Daily Journal that her search for her birth father has been a fascinating journey that has helped her find and connect with a number of previously-unknown family members.

The knowledge and information that Flanagan has learned during her search for her father has allowed her to help reunite other people. Recently, she helped reunite a 90-year-old woman with her 70-year-old daughter. The two were separated in 1945 and the mother had been searching for her daughter for 50 years with no success.

Flanagan has also reunited a 90-year-old woman with her 70-year-old daughter. She said the mother had been searching for her daughter for 50 years and had even hired private investigators without success. Just days ago, the two, separated since 1945, spoke on the phone for the first time.

However, she is still searching for her own father. Flanagan has found about 30 people in Massachusetts with the name Robert Moniz, but she still hasn’t been able to locate her real father. She said that she hopes to be able to find her father while he is still alive and that he will want to meet her and get to know her.