Woman Finds Biological Mom After 82 Years

Betty Morrell & Lena Pierce

Betty Morrell meets birth mother Lena Pierce

Thanks to all of the people searches and public records available online now, it is never too late to find and reunite with a friend or family member that you have lost contact with.

An 82-year-old woman has finally been reunited with her 96-year-old birth mother after a lengthy search that lasted 50 years.

Betty Morrell, 82, was just a few months old when her birth mother, Lena Pierce, 96, had to give her up for adoption back in 1933. Lena was only 14 years old when she gave birth to Betty and she was unable to take care of her new baby girl.

At the time, Lena herself was being taken care of by the state of New York’s social services. New York state officials said that Lena was not old enough to care for a child and so they took Betty away and put her up for adoption.

Betty, who was born Eva May, was eventually adopted by a New York family and grew up on Long Island never knowing her birth mother. Betty’s adopted mother and father died when she was still in her early 20’s and she has spent much of her adult life on her own. Betty says that she had a very happy childhood with her adopted family, but she had been told that her biological mother had died during childbirth.

When Betty was in her 30’s, she learned from an Aunt that her birth name was Eva and that she had been born at a hospital in Utica, New York. This is when she decided to start the search for the biological family link that she had been missing all her life.

Betty started writing letters to all of the hospitals in Utica, NY, requesting copies of her original birth records. Although she was able to obtain a copy of her birth certificate, she was unable to get any additional information about her birth family due to the adoption agency’s restrictive records policy.

Betty was finally able to find her biological mother last September after using online people search engines and obtaining a copy of her birth certificate, which listed her mother’s full name. After searching for her mother’s name, Betty was surprised to learn that Lena was still alive. Betty also found out that she has six biological siblings – two brothers and four sisters.

Betty’s granddaughter helped with the search by using online people search engines like Ancestry.com to find more information about Betty’s family, which led to contact with one of Betty’s biological sisters, Millie Hawk, and eventually contact with her birth mother, Lena.

Lena said that she has spent these past decades wondering about what happened to her baby daughter and has tried several times over the years to find her. However, the search was complicated since she didn’t know Betty’s new first and last name.

Betty was finally reunited with Lena on January 15, 2016 after 82 years of separation.