An Olympic People Search Effort

PeopleIt looks like the 2016 Rio Olympics has a monumental people search task on their hands. Olympic organizers are trying to find 13,000 people who are owed refunds for their unused tickets.

According to Mario Andrada, a spokesman for the Rio Olypics, the group has over $3 million in refunds to send out, but unfortunately they are unable to find the people the money belongs to.

In an effort to cut out scalpers, Olympic organizers allowed people to return their unused tickets, which were then resold to other people.

Andrada said that 140,000 people returned their tickets to the Rio Olympics for a total of $23.5 million in refunds. So far, about 90 percent of the money has been refunded to people. However, the remaining $2.7 million has been delayed due to problems finding the people who are still owed refunds.

Almost all of the remaining money is owed to people who live in Brazil. However, incorrect banking and credit card information is causing problems with the remaining people who are still owed money.

Organizers have tried to search for people on social media. They have also placed ads in newspapers to help find the remaining people that are owed refunds. There is also a web site that can help people get their refunds.

It has been hard for organizers to find people who are owed refunds, especially since the organization is down to only 300 employees. It will get even more difficult to find people in August 2017 when all that will be left is a lawyer’s office to handle the remaining refunds.

It may be time for the Olympics to hire some good skip tracers to search for all of those people. Perhaps they could even make skip tracing a new Olympic game.