Facebook Photos Reunite Mother With Kidnapped Son

A California mother has been reunited with her son 15 years after he was kidnapped.

Hope Holland

Hope Holland & Jonathan

Hope Holland was separated from her 3 year old son Jonathan when his father kidnapped him and fled to Mexico in 1999.

After spending years working with private investigators and child services and getting nowhere, Holland finally found her son on Facebook in January 2015 when she recognized some old family photos he had posted on his profile page.

Jonathan had posted the photos of him, his mother and his brother Jacob on Facebook, hoping that his brother or mother would see them and get in touch with him.

As social media luck would have it, Holland saw the photos and contacted him on Facebook. She has been in constant contact with him ever since finding the picture.

Prior to finding the old family photos that Jonathan posted on Facebook, Holland had almost given up searching for him.

After several months, she was able to bring him back from Mexico. They were reunited on July 1st, 2015 in Tijuana, Mexico and then traveled to Campbell, California, where Hope lives, to be reunited with Jonathan’s older brother Jacob.

Holland says that she spent all of her financial resources in order to pay the travel expenses to reunite with Jonathan.

Holland also says that she received absolutely no help from any of the child abduction agencies that she contacted for assistance.

She decided to setup a GoFundMe Fundraiser to help cover her and her son’s travel expenses after the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children denied her request for assistance.

Holland says she had a stormy relationship with Jonathan’s father, who is not even named on Jonathan’s birth certificate.

Jonathan’s father took him on a vacation to Mexico in 1999 and she never saw him again until she found the pictures on Facebook several months ago.

Due to the fact that he was only 3 years old when he was kidnapped, Jonathan doesn’t remember any details about what happened to him as a toddler.

He is no longer in direct contact with his father and only communicates with him through an intermediary.

It is possible that the father could still face kidnapping charges.

Although Jonathan is a natural born U.S. citizen, he is a Spanish-speaking high school senior in Mexico. He plans to finish high school in Mexico and then move back to the United States to live with his mother.

Social media sites like Facebook have proven to be very useful for reuniting friends and family members that haven’t seen each other in years or even decades.