LinkedIn’s Lookup App Helps You Find Coworkers

Linkedin Lookup

LinkedIn Profile On Lookup App

Social networks like LinkedIn are always coming up with new ways to help people search for, find and connect with one another.

LinkedIn’s new people search app called “Lookup” is a quick employee directory that lets you find your fellow coworkers and do background research on them.

The LinkedIn Lookup app could make your company’s employee directory obsolete with its ability to search for your fellow employees by name and even communicate with them via the app-based messaging and email tools.

A company spokesperson said that LinkedIn wants to replace the employee directory on corporate intranets with this new professional communication app.

The Lookup app is intended to break down department barriers that exist within companies and foster communication and collaboration between employees who may otherwise never meet or talk.

LinkedIn’s senior product manager, Ankit Gupta, told FORBES magazine: “As a company grows and new people join, it’s really hard to know people within your company. It’s a huge unsolved problem.”

Mr. Gupta and LinkedIn hope that the Lookup app can help solve that age-old institutional problem that many large and growing companies face.

Lookup is part of LinkedIn’s strategy to help companies solve internal issues and problems.

According to the company, the idea for the Lookup app came from data that showed around 30% of LinkedIn users who search for people on LinkedIn every month also look at their coworkers’ profiles.

In addition, only about 38% of LinkedIn users think that their companies’ intranets are useful for learning more about their coworkers.

Furthermore, 58% of LinkedIn users say they could do their jobs better if they could find coworkers with specific backgrounds and professional skills.

You can search for people on Lookup by job title, name, job experience, education level and professional skills.

Lookup’s search results show a profile picture, full name and job title for colleagues that match the search.

Users can then click on search results to see a simplified version of the person’s LinkedIn profile.

User profiles on Lookup will show the person’s company email address, which is used by LinkedIn to verify where people work.

Lookup users will also have the ability to add a cellphone number to their profile on the app.

Employees within the same company will be able to view each others’ LinkedIn profiles on the Lookup app even if they haven’t yet connected on LinkedIn’s social network.

In the future, LinkedIn may add a referral tool to the Lookup app that lets people search for coworkers and recommend them for jobs.

Most people view LinkedIn as a place to show off their professional accomplishments and search for their next job, but LinkedIn is trying to find new ways to embed themselves in the daily business activities of companies and their employees.

Business communication tools like Lookup give social media companies like LinkedIn an open window into the internal workings of a company. In the end, this could be a high price to pay for what appears to be a simple people search and messaging application.

LinkedIn’s senior product manager, Ankit Gupta, basically revealed LinkedIn’s intentions when he recently told news organizations – “We want to help make LinkedIn even more useful internally for employees and the companies they work for.”

You can find out more about the Lookup app by visiting the LinkedIn page at