How To Find People For Free

Are you trying to find a person from your past? The internet has numerous free search engines that can help you find people, family and friends.

1. Search for the person’s name on Google. Don’t forget to search for variations on the person’s name, including nicknames or past user IDs from websites.

2. Do a people search on free directory assistance site like

3. Try to find the person by doing a people search on the major search engines like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn etc. These social networks have hundreds of millions of people records that can be searched for free.

4. Run a search on a people search engine. Some of the top people search engines include:,,, and

5. Talk to shared friends and family who may know where to find the person you are looking for or have contact information on the person.

6. Contact past coworkers or neighbors and talk to them to see if they know how to find the person.

7. Try to find records on the person through online public record searches. The most useful people record searches can be found at the city, county and state level. Major cities and counties have online court record searches or property tax searches that can help you find a person.