Two Brothers Reunited After 59-Year Search

Harold Miller and John Mueller

Harold Miller & John Mueller

Two long-lost brothers have finally been reunited after a lengthy people search that started way back in 1970.

John Mueller, 65, and his brother, Harold Miller, 59, have been reunited 59 years after they were separated by the juvenile court system as children. John was only 6 years old and Harold was just a baby when they were given over to two different foster homes after the state determined that their alcoholic mother was not able to take care of them.

John ended up in a foster home in McKees Rocks, PA and Harold went to live in Gibsonia, PA. In the 1970’s, John decided to search for Harold, but he had little luck. When John got married eleven years ago, his wife agreed to help him search for his brother.

Now, after decades of searching, the two long-lost brothers finally reunited at Harold’s home in McKeesport, PA. The reunion brought tears to Harold’s eyes and he told reporters that he never knew that someone was looking for him. He said that he is glad that John didn’t give up searching for him after all these years.

John now lives in Ashland City, Tennessee. Harold is planning on visiting John in Tennessee soon. The local sheriff plans to shut down the town of Ashland City for the day and have a parade for the two brothers when Harold visits.

John said that his search for his long-lost brother is finally over and he feels whole now that he has found Harold.

When John started his search for Harold in the 1970’s, he didn’t have the options that he has today for finding a friend or family member. The internet has made it easier than ever to find people by using search engines like Google; online government public records, social media sites like Facebook or any number of free and paid people search engines. People searches that used to require you to hire a professional investigator or genealogist can now be done on your own for little or no cost online.

If you are trying to find a person that you have lost contact with over the years, there is no time like the present to start your search for them. The internet has connected people like never before.