Mother & Daughter Find Each Other Through Ancestry Search

Suzi Brown & Laurie Coburn

Suzi Brown reunites with her birth mother Laurie Coburn after finding her through people search ( Photo Credit: Michael Kroh )

A successful people search on has reunited an adopted woman with her biological mother after 53 years.

Laurie Ogilvie was only 15 years old and still in high school when she gave birth to Denise Marie Mills in 1963. Laurie was only able to spend a few minutes with her newborn daughter before she gave Denise over to the adoption agency staff that was in charge of finding a family to adopt Denise.

Laurie says that giving up Denise for adoption was the toughest thing that she has ever had to do. Laurie went on with her life, graduating high school and eventually marrying and having two more children of her own. Laurie is now a retired nursing assistant and lives in Vancouver, Washington.

Denise was adopted by a family and grew up with a different name than the one she was given at birth. Denise grew up as Suzi Conroy Brown, knowing all along that she had been adopted and wondering if her biological mother ever thought about her.

Over the past 53 years, Laurie has only told a handful of people about the birth and adoption of Denise. But Laurie says that Denise has always been with her in her heart.

Knowing that she had been adopted, Brown decided to use Ancestry’s DNA testing service to find out more about her ethnic background. Little did she know when she sent in her DNA sample that her biological mother was already listed on the Ancestry site.

Brown sent her DNA sample to Ancestry in July, 2016. Her mother had already sent her DNA sample to Ancestry at the beginning of 2016.

Brown’s family DNA report on the Ancestry site showed that she had well over 200 biological family members living in the United States and one of those people was her birth mother, Laurie Coburn.

Brown then found Laurie through Facebook’s people search and sent her a message, thanking her for the decision that she made 53 years ago. Laurie, responded immediately to her daughter’s message, saying that she had always hoped the day would come when they would meet again.

The mother and daughter finally met in person at the beginning of November 2016 and say they plan to stay in contact with each other and meet regularly going forward.

Unfortunately, Brown will not be able to reunite with her biological father, Jimmy Mills. Mills moved to North Carolina shortly after Brown was born and he died a few years ago.