Skip Trace Seminar Teaches You How To Find People Like a Pro

Professional people finder and private investigator Robert Scott has produced an inexpensive web-based skip tracing seminar and eBook to teach professional people search techniques.

His Skip Trace Seminar is a useful tool for debt collectors; private investigators; skip tracers; repo agents; bail bond agents; judgement recovery professionals or anyone wanting to learn advanced people search skills.

The Skip Trace Seminar covers the following topics:

1. The skip tracer’s toolbox.

2. Finding people on the web.

3. Commercial people searches versus free internet searches.

4. Obtaining access to commercial people search databases.

5. Pre-skip tracing efforts.

6. The three types of skips.

7. Robert’s golden people finder strategies.

8. What credit headers are and how they can be used to find people.

9. Phone number records – the second most important source of information for a successful people search.

10. Using credit headers and phone number records together for a powerful skip trace tool.

11. Verifying or eliminating a person’s address(es).

12. A discussion of the active phone line exception.

13. The golden people search strategy – credit headers always come first.

14. The golden people search strategy in practice.

15. Overcoming dead ends by finding new leads in your skip trace.

16. The use of motor vehicle records in your people search.

17. Three of the best free internet people search engines.

18. The use of public records in finding people.

19. The use of people contacts in skip tracing.

20. Using information brokers, pretext phone calls and trap lines in finding a person.

21. The five common people search mistakes that new skip tracers make.

22. Search secrets of the expert skip tracers.

You can find out more about Robert Scott’s Skip Trace Seminar as well as view a free sample lesson at Skip Trace Seminar.