Successful People Search 101

With a little time and effort you can do a successful people search for free.

Someone recently asked me to find a person that they had lost contact with over 40 years ago. Making the people search more difficult was the fact that the person I was trying to find had a very common first name and he was in his late 80s.

As you may already know, trying to find an older person is more difficult because 1) they may be deceased and 2) older people tend to have little to no history on the internet.

To make the search even more difficult was the fact that this person had lived in numerous places during his life.

I spent several months on and off trying to find the person with no luck. I tried numerous people search engines like online Whitepages and ZabaSearch. I also ran some people searches on I just could not seem to find this person no matter what I did.

I recently found out about a new people search site called People Smart is a premium ( paid ) people search site, but their basic people records are free to search and view.

I did a search for this person’s name on People Smart in all of the states I knew he had lived in at one time or another. One of the searches returned a result that was a good possibility.

I then took the possible city and state that the listing showed and searched for him on in that city and state. Guess what? I found a possible phone number for him.

I gave the phone number to the person who had asked me to run the people search for him.

Success! The number was good. The person I found was still living after all these years and the two friends have made contact over the phone and plan to meet in a few weeks after 44 years of lost contact.

If there is a person you are looking for from your past, you can find them.

There are more ways than ever to do a people search online and many of these people search sites provide information that was only available to private investigators a few short years ago.

Good luck with your people search!