Free People Search with the Google Advanced Search

If you want to do free people searches using some of the more advanced Google search features, then you should try the Google Advanced Search. Doing free people searches with Google Advanced is as easy as entering a person’s name and keywords in predefined search boxes and selecting the available Google search options to target your people search and weed out unwanted results.

Instead of remembering Google search tricks, like the proper use of quotation marks and all the custom Google search options, like site and file specific searches with the site: and filetype: addons; you can simply enter your names and keywords in predefined fields and choose your people search options on the Google Advanced search page.

Try out some people searches of your own. Play around with the advanced features of Google Search, using your name or the names of others, to get a feel for the technology. Once you get used to the advanced options, your people searches will become more targeted and useful than just entering a person’s name on the main Google Search page.

You can try out some advanced Google free people searches of your own at Google Advanced Search.

Google also offers many helpful tips for using their advanced search that explain the different search options. These can really help with your free people search efforts. You can read the Google Advanced search tips at Google Advanced Search Tips

Good luck.