Find People With These Free People Search Tips

It is usually not necessary to pay hundreds of dollars to a professional to find people from your past.   If you are trying to find a person from your past like a family member, friend, classmate, coworker, chances are that you already know enough about the person to find them yourself, even if you don’t know the person’s social security number.

When starting your own free people search, write down all known identifying information about the person that you can remember.  Here are some ideas and tips for finding people you’re are searching for.

1.  The person’s first / last names, nicknames, married and maiden names (for married females). If the last name is not common, you can do a last name only search for states that the person has lived in to find possible family members to contact.

2.  Any schools attended – high school, college, trade schools etc.  Contact high school reunion groups or university alumni organizations for help in locating the person.  In addition, you should contact any student groups that the person was involved in – fraternities, sororities,  political and social student organizations etc.

3. Any place that the person lived.  Where did they grow up?  Where have they lived?  These are places where they may still have family members with the same last name that you can contact for help in finding the person.

4.  Mutual friends and acquaintances that you and the person you are looking for have in common.  Contact a mutual friend, colleague etc. to help you find the person.

5.  What profession is the person involved in?  Most states require licensing for many professional jobs like doctors, lawyers and beauticians.   Sometimes people can be found with a business address and phone number through professional searches on state government sites.  In addition, a simple search engine search for the person may turn up possible business addresses and phone numbers that have been published online as well as any published comments or professional writings from the person.

6.  Place a missed connections ad in a publication that is printed in an area that the person lived in or on a message board, like .

Finding a person from your past may not always be easy, but it doesn’t have to be expensive if you use these tips.  Once you start your free people search, you will think of additional ideas and contacts to find the person.

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Good luck with your searches!

If you would like to add some free people search tips / ideas of your own, please use the comments link below this post to submit your ideas and opinions.