Find People With Google Alerts

Use Google Alerts to have your people searches delivered to your email inbox. Google Alerts will email you with periodic updates whenever web pages are indexed that match your search phrase.

Have you ever Googled and Googled somebody, only to find out that they have no findable ‘paper trail’ on the web? Or maybe you already have a lot of information on someone, but want to keep up with new information that becomes available on the web about that person. Just type in the name or search criteria on Google Alerts along with your email address and Google will email you with updates as new pages that match your search are added to their search engine.

Of course the more refined and precise your search phrase is, the more likely it is that Google Alerts will return reliable results. For instance, a search phrase of “John Doe” is more precise than just a search for John Doe without double quotation marks. Also a name search with specific identifying words added like “Bill Gates” microsoft is more reliable than just “Bill Gates”.

You can also track new information on someone that is posted on specific web sites. For instance, a search for “Bill Gates” will track information on Bill Gates that is added to the site.

You can use these tips with Google Alerts to keep up on new web information on anyone from past friends, enemies, coworkers, family etc. Just remember, the better the search phrase(s) entered, the more meaningful the results will be.

You can access the Google Alerts site at Google Alerts.

Good luck with your searches.

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