Whoisi People Search Tracks People With Profiles And RSS Feeds

Whoisi.com is a people search and tracking web site that allows users to add other people and their web profiles and news feeds, and then monitor updates for these people people using social networking profiles and RSS feeds.

Whoisi currently supports feeds from Twitter, Flickr, LinkedIn, Picasa and any Atom or RSS news feed.

The Whoisi people search service currently allows any visitor to define a person or an identity, and add news feeds associated with that person for other users to find and follow on the Whoisis site.

To prevent mistakes or malicious use, the site maintains a revision history so that any mistakes can be reversed.

The Whoisi database already has a large number of people in it. If you search for a person’s name that you want to track and they are not currently tracked on the Whoisi site, you can add their information easily.

You can visit the Whoisi people search and tracking site @ Whoisi.com.

Source: TechCrunch.com