US People Search Settles With FTC Over Privacy Complaints

US Search ( ) a people search and public records data provider has settled with the Federal Trade Commission regarding consumer complaints that their people search failed to keep a promise that it would not share people records of customers who paid a privacy fee.

US Search, claims to be the top people search in the United States. US Search offered to “lock” the personal records of people who paid a special $10.00 charge, so that other people using the search would not be able to see or purchase the records.

According to the FTC, US Search’s PrivacyLock service, failed to restrict peoples’ names from showing up as relatives or associates of other people on the search site.

In addition, the PrivacyLock did not block peoples’ personal data from showing up in a reverse search of their telephone number or address, and did not work if the person changed their address.

As part of the FTC settlement, US Search must return the $10.00 charge paid by almost 5,000 people to have their personal information restricted on the site.

US Search is a California based person search and public records data provider.

US Search collects public record and people search data and resells data to customers.

People records available on US Search can include name, address, telephone numbers, as well as data on possible aliases, current or previous marriages, divorce records, bankruptcy records, neighbors, relatives and associates, civil judgements, tax liens and public criminal records.

US Search also sells background check information on people in their database.

US Search claims to have address history on people that goes back as much as 40 years.